Hair Loss or Thinning Hair?

January 12, 2019

There have been times when I’ve looked 

at my bathroom floor, counters, and yes, 

occasionally a wall or two, and thought, 

“How am I NOT bald?” 

The answer to that question is easy: we lose 100 hairs (give or take) every day. I didn’t stutter. One hundred hairs. Everyday. That’s normal. Much to my chagrin. Does the word “normal” make you feel better? All warm and fuzzy? Me, either.

Hair loss and hair thinning in women can be caused by many things including poor diet, yo-yo dieting, malnutrition, hypo/hyper thyroid, chemotherapy, traction Alopecia, genetics, and hormones. Did I mention menopause? How about stress? I don’t know about you, but it feels like just about everything can cause hair loss! 

Woo. Hoo.

With so many causes to consider, it can be hard to nail down the root of the problem without seeking professional help. See your Doctor or Dermatologist because a simple blood test may be all you need to get squared away and on track to better health and glorious hair!

Am I losing it? 


Is it thinning?

It can be narrowed down to one of three things.

1. You are losing excessive hair (loss)

2. The actual diameter of your hair shafts are gradually reducing (thinning)

3. Both are occuring at the same time.

Hair-diameter thinning occurs over a long period of time, and “eases” you into less volume. Excessive hair shedding will fast track you to less volume, and option C just makes me want to cry.

Care and Treatment

The causes of hair loss can be all over the map and set-off by more than one thing. This is why I always recommend you see a Doctor to eliminate any possible health issues or concerns. Your health is more important than anything else!

Great hair begins with great health. Each strand of hair grows from a follicle in the scalp. Every follicle has its very own blood supply! Amazing, right? That’s why eating a well balanced diet and exercise are at the top of the list for strong, beautiful, and glorious hair. It’s also the reason for drastic changes in hair during stressful times of life: illness, pregnancy, emotional stress, menopause, and surgery.

Consistent, excellent hair care is the bridge between your hair and health. With proper hair care, you can nourish your hair and stimulate blood circulation to the follicles. This will aid in keeping hair intact longer and slow any loss or thinning. It will also encourage speedy regrowth. A big win in my book!

Sometimes, genetics are the cause of thinning and/or loss. This presents a special set of challenges. But, all is not lost! Apply the same principles of healthy choices for your body and hair. You’ll see a slowing of loss and thinning, along with strong, beautiful, and glorious hair!

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