5 Tips to Tame Your Post-Swim Tangles

July 31, 2023

5 Tips to Tame Your Post-Swim Tangles

Summer is all about water fun. Cannonballs into the pool with your friends, knowing the unspoken contest is whoever splashes the most people wins! Tire-swinging into the lake, praying the rope doesn’t break, and laughing like crazy when it does, and it’s not you! Belly-boarding the waves, not knowing which way is up or down until you’re face-planting on the beach! The LEAST fun aspect of summer is the tangled mess that awaits us after all the fun is over…

Tangles after playing in the water are no joke. Detangling hair after a swim can be a nightmare for both the comber, and the comb-ee! I want to turn those bad dreams into sweet dreams by sharing my 5 best tips to tame those post-swim tangles.

1. Comb out all the tangles in your dry hair prior to swimming. I feel like Captain Obvious here, but I’ve watched girls jump into the water without a care in the world. Until they get out. Then, all bets are off. Wide tooth combs are being grabbed. Moms are growling. And, the girls are…well, not escaping.

2. Wet your combed hair with tap water, and gently squeeze out the excess. Wetting hair with tap water helps it resist absorbing damaging water, and prepares it for Number 3!

3. Use Untangled Conditioning Detangler spray. Spritz it throughout the hair, and comb through. Untangled is a life (and hair) saving pre-swim product! It will soak into your hair and surround it with ingredients that repel water: silk, whole-plant bamboo, and argan oil.

  • Silk has natural moisture-wicking properties. It’s like a rashguard for your hair!
  • Bamboo sustains hair strength, resiliency, and aids in a smooth after-swim comb out.
  • Argan oil adds a protective layer to your hair strands. It works in tandem with silk and bamboo, creating a water-proof barrier between your hair and chlorine.

4. Secure your hair. Seeeee-cuuuuuure!! Tight braids, buns, topknots, or double topknots.



5. Allow hair to air dry after taking it down. Wet hair is extremely fragile. It stretches, splits, and breaks very easily. Do a quick spritz with Untangled Conditioning Detangler, then allow your hair to rest in a towel for a little bit. When it’s nearly dry, it’s safe to start combing.

When using these tips before and after a swim, you’ll not only avoid the dreaded tangled mess, but you’ll keep your hair healthy and happy. (And, nobody gets hurt!)

Happy swimming, my fellow mermaids!

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