Sun-Kissed Summer Hair: The One Hair Care Product You Must Have!

July 24, 2023

Sun-Kissed Summer Hair: The One Hair Care Product You Must Have!

Heading to the beach or the pool for a day of languishing in the sun with a glass of sweet tea and a great book? Or, chasing laughing kids around the yard with the hose making rainbows, and searching for the pot of gold? Did you slather everyone with SPF for protection and moisturizer for your skin? Don't forget your hair. Those lovely locks need protection, too! 


Moisture Locks Leave-in Conditioner is about to find its place in your beach bag, pool tote, and garden bag! I keep a bottle of Moisture Locks in the tote with our pool accoutrements. It’s like an insurance policy, just in case I forget to bring a bottle from the house. Ok, that sounds lazy, but my pool is kinda far away from the house.

I don’t know about you, but I hate how humidity and heat graces my hair with unwanted frizz and flyaways. Sometimes, I can hear my hair singing, “I’ll fly away, don’t worry! I’ll fly away!”

That’s why Moisture Locks is infused with vitamins, oils, and proteins - ingredients that nourish and tame frizz and flyaways before they get out of hand! 

If I’m going out and doing “dry” activities, I smooth a small amount of Moisture Locks through my dry hair before I go outside. When I’m done for the day, my hair combs out smoothly, and my hair is soft and shiny. It's a “non-negotiable” part of my summer hair care routine. 

Pool water is harsh on our hair, but try and keep me out of it. I dare you! (We can’t be all good all the time!) It can cause our hair to become dry and brittle, and it’s notorious for tangles and knots, especially for those of us with long hair! Moisture Locks is made with coconut milk and whole plant bamboo extract. These two ingredients are powerhouse moisturizers, and have a 4-6% SPF! They lock in moisture and protect our hair from becoming parched and damaged by chlorine and other chemicals.

When I’m at the pool, or running around with that garden hose, I apply Moisture Locks to my dry hair, then braid it and roll it into a bun. After being in the water for a while, I’ll take down the bun and reapply it to my braid. Sometimes, tangles still happen with a braid, and I have to unbraid my hair, apply Moisture Locks, comb and rebraid. I can’t go swimming without it!

So, my dear friend, don't let summer fun compromise the health and beauty of your hair. Make Moisture Locks Leave-in Conditioner your go-to product for sun, pool, and outdoor adventures. Your strong, beautiful, glorious hair will thank you!

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