Citrus Spa Body Mist

Just say "Spaaah!"
Citrus Spa Body Mist will refresh your body and rejuvenate your spirit! 

You'll "Spaaah-dore" it!


Citrus Spa Body Mist

Citrus Spa body mist is a lightweight body mist you're going to love! It's infused with Litsea Cubeba that refreshes and revitalizes the body, and gets you ready to tackle the day! 

Ingredient Showcase:

Litsea Cubeba is renowned for its uplifting and refreshing qualities. It has the unique ability to refresh and calm in complete synchronicity. 

Sweet Orange is acclaimed for its stress-reducing and mood-boosting effects. 

The Citrus Spa Fragrance:

Scent profile: crisp, citrus, salty with a soft finish

Fragrance notes: sweet orange, litsea cubeba, lily and salted driftwood

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