Do you offer product samples?

We sometimes include product samples when we ship purchased items. Unfortunately we are unable to ship samples separately due to the volume of requests that we receive.

Do you ever have Giveaways or contests?

Yes! Follow our social media for giveaways, contests and other Uncut promotions!

Facebook: @UncutHairCare

Instagram: @UncutHair

How long does it take to see results?

Results vary from person to person and depend on how often you use the products and other lifestyle and diet factors. Customers report they see noticeable improvements after the very FIRST use! As you continue to use Uncut products, your hair will become healthier, stronger and longer!

Is Uncut safe for colored hair and extensions?

Yes, all of Uncut products are salon-grade formulations and are safe for colored, chemically treated hair and extensions.

Where are Uncut products made?

UNCUT products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Are Uncut products tested on animals?

We know it is important to our customers that their favorite Uncut products are not tested on animals. We are happy to tell you Uncut products are NOT tested on animals – only by our human staff. (However, our owners little Schnoodle, Phoebe, LOVES Lavender Mint shampoo and conditioner.)

Are Uncut products hypo-allergenic?

Uncut does not test for or claim that our products are hypoallergenic. If you have a specific allergy, please email us at customerservice@uncuthaircare.com to determine if a product is suitable for use.

Are there any restrictions for using Uncut products, for instance when pregnant or on medication?

There are no specific restrictions for using our products. However, you should always consult your doctor for questions or concerns.

I am interested in carrying Uncut Hair Care Products in my salon, who should I contact?

For more information, email us at customerservice@uncuthaircare.com