The Beauty of Uncut Complete Care System

October 13, 2021

The Beauty of Uncut Complete Care System

The beauty of Uncut Hair Care Products is how each product works together with nourishing, hair healthy ingredients to give you strong, beautiful, glorious hair!

  • Revive+Renew. Remember this sweet thing? She is our very first product, and the cornerstone of excellent hair. Every ingredient improves scalp health, stimulates blood circulation to follicles, increases potential for new and consistent hair growth and feeds the shaft of hair from the inside out.
  • Shampoo and Conditioner. These babies work together to provide the perfect cleansing and self-adjusting conditioning for the unique needs of your hair. Seriously, they LOVE your hair!
  • The pHx ("fix") Balancing Spray. Oh, GIRL. The pHx will rock your world! It immediately closes cuticles, sealing in moisture and strengthening hair against breakage. And, it prepares your hair for safe combing and styling. HOLLA!
  • Untangled. This pretty little product is so sweet, I call her “Lifesaver.” (And, so do many Moms!) Untangled perfectly loosens and releases tangles without weighing your hair down. 

These products are available in a convenient set called “Complete Care System” in three different Signature Scents: Nourishing Herbal, Bamboo Shea, and Lavender Mint.


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