Summer Hair and How to Keep it Clean!

July 17, 2023

Summer Hair and How to Keep it Clean!

Ahhhh…Summer! It’s a time of fun in the sun: gardening, mowing the yard, layin’ out by the pool “coppin’ some rays,” and walking from your parking spot into work. There’s one thing we all have in common: sweat. Let’s be honest, we can say “We don’t sweat, we glisten” all we want, but it’s sweat. So, ask your body, especially your scalp, that lovingly embraces your strong, beautiful, glorious hair, “Are you sweating or glistening?” I guarantee it’s screaming “SWEATING!” 

Fear not, my summer-loving friend! Keep reading and find out how you can keep your strong, beautiful, glorious summer (and sometimes sweaty) locks healthy, fresh, and fabulous all season long!

First, say “Hello!” to Uncut B+B Dead Sea Salt Shampoo, my summer bestie, and go-to shampoo for perfect summer hair! 

B+B is a gentle exfoliant for the scalp. The Dead Sea salt removes shedding skin cells, oil, and dirt that attaches to sweat and accumulates on our scalps (ew). This unclogs hair follicles, allowing for better circulation and nutrient absorption. Added bonus: as it rinses down the length of our hair, the sea salt removes product and dirt, leaving our hair soft and shiny!

One of my favorite things about B+B is the citrus-spa scent! It’s a blend of salty beach air with a soothing essential oil blend of citrus. (Here’s a secret: the Ultimate Moisture Masque has the same citrus-spa scent, and I love to use it with B+B!) Every shower feels like a spa treatment that soothes away the day and uplifts my spirit! Aaahhh.


So, my dear friend, go forth and enjoy the summer, knowing your hair will stay strong, beautiful, fresh, and fabulously glorious!

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