Main Man Skin and Beard Care

November 25, 2020

Main Man Skin and Beard Care

To beard, or not to beard? That is a question all men answer. Beards have been a hot style these past years, and we don’t see it changing anytime soon. Clean-shaven faces will always have that air of classic debonaire.

Here at Uncut, most of our men lead a Beard-centric life. Some of us love the beard. Others, not so much. However, there is one gal with a rogue clean-shaven man. How does this gal feel? She says, “Beard or not, He’s my Mr. Sexy Pants!”

Conclusion? There is one thing we all passionately agree on: we love our men and want them to have the best skin possible.

I am happy to announce Main Man Skin and Beard Care. It’s a skincare line that gives your man a smooth, youthful, kissable face and nuzzle-able beard. Score and win for your Main Man and YOU!

Our Main Man Skin and Beard Care products include:

Face and Beard Scrub

Main Man Face and Beard Scrub Exfoliating rids your face of dead skin cells and excess oil that causes acne and beardruff your skin before you DO or DON’T shave.  It opens up your pores and lifts facial hair to prevent cuts and in-grown hairs when you shave. Using our Face and Beard Scrub leads the way to the healthier growth of your beard.

After Shave Facial Spritz

Main Man Aftershave Spritz makes your skin feel better, look clean, and feel fresh. It kills the germs or any virus that might have been on your face after shaving. The blades or razors used for shaving might cause some unwanted infections, aftershave makes sure you don’t and makes sure your handsome face remains clean and healthy.

Beard Oil

Main Man Beard Oil addresses a common skin complaint most men have with their beneath-the-beard skin is dryness and itchiness, or what we call beardruff. It intensely conditions the beard hair the skin underneath. Place a few drops of oil deep into your beard, making sure you reach your skin. Then, use your fingers to gently massage the oil into your skin and spread it throughout your beard.

Beard Butter

Our Main Man Beard Butter is the perfect blend of all-natural butters and oils that deep conditions, softens your beard, and hydrates your skin. It promotes a soft, thick-growing beard and healthy skin. Beard butter helps relieve any itching or sloughing. Use it once or twice a day to help you wear or grow the perfect beard.

There you have it! Our Main Man Skin and Beard Care products. When used in conjunction with our core skincare, you’ll have the best skin and beard a handsome Main Man deserves!

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