Is Facial Skin the Same as Body Skin?

February 04, 2023

Is Facial Skin the Same as Body Skin?


Facial skin and body skin are not created equal.

But you might ask, “Skin is skin, right?”

Well, pretty much, yes. And, then again, no.

The skin structure of our body and face are the same:

Epidermis is the top layer. It’s what we see.

Dermis, the middle layer. This is where collagen and fibrous tissue live.

Hypodermis is the lowest layer of skin. This layer connects the skin to muscle and bone. It stores fat to protect the skin. As we age, we lose the fatty support and elasticity, and our skin begins to sag. Everywhere. (yay)

Our facial skin has smaller cells and is thinner than the skin on our bodies. It’s highly vascular, which is why it tends to be redder. Think heat, exercise, embarrassment, and blushing. These are connected to circulatory activity. Pulling it all together, our facial skin is more sensitive to elements, which makes damage more evident. (sadfacedotcom)

What can we do to keep all the layers happy and in place? First and foremost, be mindful of your skin's needs.

I’m embarrassed to tell you how many times I went to bed with a full face of make-up on when I was younger. It’s a wonder I have any pores left (or, a face)! For many years now, I haven’t worn make-up. And, again, I’m embarrassed to tell you how many days (ok, years) I went without even thinking about my skin! My skincare routine was baby oil and a clean cloth diaper. (I had a lot of kids)

It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I realized how important skincare was. This is when I began making products for myself. The first product was what is now known as Kokumglo. I used it as a cleanser and moisturizer. As I learned more about the needs of facial skin, I added more products. My second product was a sugar scrub, now known as Micro Sugar Exfoliate. The result was the beginning of healthy, glowing skin.

I shared my journey to let you know how important it is to be mindful of your beautiful face! Don’t wait as long as I did, dear Sister. And, don’t worry about going ALL IN all at once! Taking the first mindful step leads to the second, which ultimately leads you to the most beautiful skin you’ve ever had!


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