COVID-19 Related Hair Loss

February 22, 2023

woman with hair loss

Near the end of 2020, I received a phone call from a woman who was crying. She told me she was losing her hair by the handfuls. I asked all the questions regarding possible health issues. She said she'd had Covid six months prior to the hair loss, then asked if Covid could have caused it.

Honestly, I didn't have an answer. 

That was just the first call. Throughout 2020, I started hearing from more and more women who were devastated by the same symptoms. Still, I couldn't find any information and hadn't heard about this type of side effect.

It was heart-breaking.

So, I did a deep dive searching for any information regarding hair loss in relation to Covid-19.  Finally, I found an obscure article in the National Library of Medicine about people suffering from a type of hair loss called Telogen Effluvium after Covid-19. It also stated that it could take 6-8 months after having Covid for it to happen!

Telogen Effluvium is a form of acute, temporary hair loss that occurs during the "resting and shedding" telogen phase of hair growth. On average, 10-15% of our hair is in this phase, and it takes up to 3 months for the strands of hair (about 100 per day) to completely fall out. Telogen Effluvium suddenly sheds the hair in this phase.

But, be encouraged, dear Sister! Telogen effluvium is NOT a death sentence to your hair. 

It is temporary. And, your hair will grow back! 

Here's a list of Trichologist-approved hair care recommendations to strengthen hair and help decrease hair loss:

1. Hair care starts with your BODY. Make sure to eat plenty of protein, leafy greens, and citrus fruits. Don't forget to enjoy a healthy dose of sunshine!

2. Treat your hair with lots of TLC:

  • Shampoo scalp ONLY ONCE
  • Condition hair shaft ONLY (meaning, don’t put conditioner on the scalp)
  • Use the pHx (the “fix”) immediately after cleansing to correct the pH of your hair. This makes it stronger and more resistant to breakage. 
  • Allow your hair to rest in a towel for about 10-15 minutes after applying the pHx.
  • Gently detangle hair using Untangled and a wide tooth comb. 
  • Decrease the use of heat styling tools. If curls are a must, consider some no-heat techniques. 

    3. Remind yourself that it's going to be okay. Your hair is growing back as we speak!



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