About Chris Carney and Uncut

November 11, 2016

About Chris Carney and Uncut

"What's with 'Uncut'?"


I get asked this question quite a bit-and, it's a great question! I named my company Uncut Hair Care Products for several reasons: Faith, Integrity, and Quality to name a few. 

I don’t cut my hair, ever.  For years, I tried to find a commercial hair care product that works on the unique needs of long, natural, uncut hair. I found out that I wasn't alone in this quest! So, for the good of all, I took that crazy-train to Googletown, in search of the perfect product that would keep the promises the company made. 

THAT didn't happen. 

Determined to give all women what we want (strong, beautiful and glorious hair!), I took matters into my own hands. In 2010, I began researching and developing formulas for my company, Uncut Hair Care Products. 

Why me? Seriously, who better than a woman, who happens to be Pentecostal (and all about the hair!), with a background in Cosmetology, a licensed nurse and a hair chemist to develop the perfect line of hair care products for women?



I develop every Uncut product from research and development to final product with exacting care. I use 100% certified pure, natural, therapeutic grade essential oils, all natural oils, extracts and proteins. I refuse to cut corners when it comes to quality. Our hair is far too important for that nonsense. 

Is your hair is cut, colored, permed, straightened or left to grow in all its’ glory? If you answered "Yes!" to any of those options, I am here for you. I understand you. And, I embrace the fact that OUR hair can be our best friend, worst nightmare, and an outlet of creativity and identity for us. 

I. Get. It.

I'm Chris Carney, CEO and Hair Whisperer of Uncut Hair Care Products. I give you the results other companies can only promise.




Glorious hair.

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