5 Best Hair Care Tips for Long Hair

November 17, 2016

5 Best Hair Care Tips for Long Hair

1. Less is More. This is true with knick-knacks and washing hair! If you're a girl who must wash her hair everyday, I encourage you to try skipping a day, here and there. You don't have to go cold turkey to twice a week! (yet.) Start with giving up one day a week. Your hair regains strength and resiliency when you allow it to rest between shampooing. You can do it!

2. Throw away your brush. Throw. It. Away. Friction is hair's worst enemy and a hair brushes are the main offenders! Brushing hair, especially uncut hair, is like running sand paper down the length of it.  The only reason to have a brush (in my humble opinion) is for smoothing a hairstyle by ever so lightly skimming across the surface of the hair. Other than that, throw that awful thing away-Seriously! Right now!

3. Invest in a wide-tooth comb. Not a "pick." A wide tooth comb should be the Go-To hair care utensil for long hair. Small tooth combs are fine for back-combing dry hair.

4. Never, ever, ever, EVER comb or brush very wet hair! (You should have already thrown away that hairbrush by now!) Not even with a wide tooth comb! Wet hair is fragile hair and will easily break, split and rip out of your scalp with the slightest slip and tug of a comb. Wrap your freshly shampooed hair in a towel for at least 15 minutes. This will allow the cuticles to settle down and make combing hair out safer and smoother.

5. Wash your head. Condition your hair. That's it! Shampoo only your scalp and allow the suds to gently rinse down the length of your hair. Never apply shampoo to the shaft of hair, or rub your hair between your hands! EEK!!! Friction is hair's mortal enemy and wet hair is fragile hair! When you condition your hair, start at the ends and work the conditioner to the nape of your neck. Leave it in. Shave your legs. Blah, blah, blah. Then, rinse your hair! 

There you have it! The 5 best hair care tips for long hair. Of course, there's more hair care tips than 5...but, that's another post! :)

Blessing and Happy Hair, 


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peggy plunk
peggy plunk

June 12, 2019

thank you for the tips. I always use a pick after shampooing and never leave a towel to wrap with

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