4 Top Secret Hair Hacks for Strong, Beautiful and Glorious Hair

October 18, 2019

4 Top Secret Hair Hacks for Strong, Beautiful and Glorious Hair

Have you ever asked your Mom for a recipe? Or asked, “How did you make those pork chops so juicy?” And she answers you with, “Well, you add a smidge of this…” or “I just pound it with a hammer until I feel better…”

Well, my Beautiful Friend, I have bad news and I have good news.

Bad News:
I’m just as bad as your Mom. Maybe worse, because I’ve kept hair care secrets from you. In my defense, I didn’t realize how bad I was until the other day. But, more about that revelation in a moment.

GOOD News:
This revelation. Nay, this epiphany of hair-hack-secret-keeping has brought forth the unveiling of the 4 Top-Secret Hair Hacks for Strong, Beautiful and Glorious Hair! Of which, I will share with you now…

1. Condition before you shampoo and condition.
The other day, I was coming off a long stint of the same hairstyle. For three days (don’t judge), my hair was sprayed, resprayed, smoothed, fluffed and re-pinned and sprayed again. I couldn’t avoid the inevitable any longer. It was time. I gently took my hair down, separated it a little and got in the shower. No combing, finger combing or brushing.
I wet my hair and slathered some conditioner into it from top to bottom. I gently squeezed the conditioner through my hair and let it stay in for a few minutes. Then, I shampooed and conditioned as usual. When I got out of the shower, I spritzed my hair with The pHx Balancing Spray and let it rest in a towel for about 15-20 minutes.
When I took my hair out of the towel, it was soft and loose. And, the tangles combed out like “buttuh!”
By doing this pre-conditioning hack, the damage to your hair is decreased exponentially and hair fall during comb-out is significantly less than if you’d combed your hair prior to shampoo and conditioning.
I realized then that I had never shared this or other simple hair hacks I use with you. Today, all of that changes.

2. Put a little Revive+Renew in your conditioner.
Sometimes, my hair gets excruciatingly dry from wind, heat, swimming or over-styling, to name a few. It’s at those times I give my dry, thirsty locks some extra TLC, and it’s super simple! First, wash your hair with your fav Uncut shampoo. Before you condition your hair, simply add a few drops of Revive+Renew Hair Remedy into your Uncut conditioner, rub between your palms and apply as usual!
The end result is moisturized, soft and strong hair. This is an especially great hair hack for all my Curly-Q friends!

3. Use your conditioner bar as a leave-in conditioner.
I absolutely L-O-V-E Uncut shampoo and conditioner bars. I am super impressed with how versatile they are, especially the conditioner bar!
I don’t cut my hair, and this presents some pretty interesting challenges that can change on a daily basis! No lie, I check the weather forecast to determine what kind of hairstyle I can wear! And, this is where my Uncut conditioner bar (I use Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe) becomes my superhero.
If I need an extra kick of moisture or protection from the elements, I use Uncut conditioner bar as a leave-in conditioning treatment. It’s so easy and remarkably effective! After the final rinse of my usual shampoo and conditioning of my hair, I rub the Uncut conditioner bar between my hands and apply it to my hair. Do not rinse. It’s that easy! No matter which type of shampoo and conditioner you use!
Once you’re out of the shower, squeeze the excess water out of your hair, spritz it with The pHx Balancing Spray and wrap it in a towel for 10-15 minutes.


Last, but not least…

4. Use Ultimate Moisture Masque as an overnight deep conditioning treatment.
Do you ever get in a “Meh” mood when it comes to deep conditioning treatments? Full disclosure: I do. And, it is that mood that started me on an overnight deep conditioning treatment with Uncut Ultimate Moisture Masque. This may not be a hair hack in the truest sense of the hashtag, but it’s definitely noteworthy. I can NOT believe I haven’t told you about it until now!
So-so-sooooo easy! Apply Ultimate Moisture Masque on freshly shampooed, but NOT sopping wet hair. Braid or twist into a bun and go to bed! When you wake up, rinse those luscious locks and go about your day with strong, beautiful and glorious hair.

P.S. This is a perfect opportunity to use Uncut B+B Sea Salt Shampoo! Heavenly.

P.S.S. You can sleep with your hair wrapped in a towel, or place a towel on your pillow.

Give one (or all) of these hair hacks a try and let me know what you think in the comments!


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Michelle Miller
Michelle Miller

November 01, 2020

I LOVE the first 2 hair hacks. I have started doing that and have noticed a big difference in my hair. Thank you!

Rebecca Stymiest
Rebecca Stymiest

June 02, 2020

When you selling in Canada?

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