Summer 2022 Whipped Body Cream

Summer 2022 Bath+Body products are here!
Keep your skin soft, healthy, and beautiful all summer.  


Summer 2022 Whipped Body Cream

Is a luxurious, lightweight body moisturizer. It melts into your skin, leaving it silky soft, and supple. Leaves your summer skin moisturized, soft, and Oh, so lovely! 


Peach Dolce

Inspired by the carefree girl in all of us! The sweet-tea girl who wears flip-flops and sundresses during the day. Then, a splash of bubbly and an updo at night.

This fresh, romantic scent transports us to the stolen kisses with our first summer love and the beauty of vibrant sunsets.

Fragrance Notes:

White peach, jasmine, citrus, sandalwood



    Reveals the nobility and beauty that dwells within each of us. Our dreams of Monet's Water Lilies or Van Gogh's Starry Night, each of us will get lost in the glorious femininity and luxury of `et`e.

    This elegant and unforgettable fragrance encapsulates the glorious radiance of sunshine and summer.

    Fragrance Notes:

    Violet, white heliotrope, tonka bean


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