Stronger, Longer Hair Testimony

October 06, 2016

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Before and After Plaque Psoriasis

September 09, 2018 1 Comment

In August 2017, I received a distressing message and group of photos from Aimee. She expressed her frustration, sadness and desperation for relief from Plaque Psoriasis. Along with her message, she sent some unbelievable photos:Aimee went to a dermatologist, and was prescribed medicated shampoo and scalp treatment. They didn’t work:Aimee was so discouraged and I [...]

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4 Reasons Uncut uses Hemp Seed Oil
4 Reasons Uncut uses Hemp Seed Oil

February 03, 2018 1 Comment

Prevents Breakage Hemp Seed Oil helps maintain the natural texture of hair. It prevents the cuticle “tiles” from separating and keeps hair free from breakage.  Promotes Hair Growth Hemp Seed Oil is ultra-rich in fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9. These fatty acids supply vital nourishment to the scalp and hair, increase blood circulation to the follicle, and encourages [...]

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5 Best Hair Care Tips for Long Hair

November 17, 2016 2 Comments

5 Best Hair Care Tips for Long Hair1. Less is More. This is true with knick-knacks and washing hair! If you're a girl who must wash her hair everyday, I encourage you to try skipping a day, here and there. You don't have to go cold turkey to twice a week! (yet.) Start with giving [...]

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